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The Yoga Place

Back in London, not long after I got out of hospital (probably not long enough, if I’m honest) I was feeling restless and frustrated from lack of exercise, and I decided to try out a new yoga class.

Spoiler alert – I shouldn’t have gone. And I should have known that from the off, when I called to ask what the class was like and the teacher described it as a workout. I tried to explain what I wanted from the class – relaxation, stretching, seeing if any of my yoga muscles still worked – and he told me to come on down, try the class and see.

I was still pretty weak at the time, and I didn’t know what I would still be able to do and what I wouldn’t. I didn’t necessarily know this yet, but what I really didn’t want was to be pushed.

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Get Thee to a Neurologist – An Update

Friday was the day I finally had my appointment to see a neuromuscular specialist in Melbourne, and I approached the event with both excitement and trepidation.

On the one hand, the possibility – however small – that I had an underlying condition that caused, or at least exacerbated, my case of rhabdo was scary. And surprisingly enough, Googling neuromuscular disorders didn’t make me feel any better about the whole thing.

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On making the most of my health (and the best travel insurance money can buy)

Make the most of your health. Live while you’re young. Make hay when the sun shines. They’re such clichés, and I may have just quoted One Direction, but it’s true that you never really know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Or, in my case, almost gone.

My now-husband and I were planning our epic round-the-world honeymoon long before I got ill. But if there’s one thing that’s sure to get you fired up to travel, it’s the idea that you might not be able to.

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My Life of Laxatives

One of the many things no one ever tells you about spending time in hospital is just how much interest everyone takes in your bodily functions.

I don’t know if the levels of scrutiny are the same for all patients (although I imagine so), but drawing on my own experiences, hospital staff really care a lot – like, a lot a lot – about whatever’s coming out of you.

Fortijuice. *shudder*

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Get Thee to a Neurologist

This week, three things happened.

I went for the first run on the C25K programme, a gentle run-walk-run exercise covering 3.5k. A good start, as far as I was concerned, and something I will tell you about in more detail later.

I accepted and started a new job, a three-month contract working for a business-to-business start-up website. Yay!

I also received an email from a doctor.

My chuffed post-run face. This post is hard to illustrate.
My chuffed post-run face. This post is hard to illustrate.

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Rhabdo to Fabdo

Running a half marathon nearly killed me, and that’s only a little bit of hyperbole.

A year ago today I attempted the Hackney Half Marathon and, to cut a long story short, found myself first with heatstroke and then with rhabdomyolosis, or rhabdo.


Caused by muscle exhaustion and heat (in my case anyway), rhabdo leads to a breakdown in muscle tissue and causes the release of a protein, myoglobin, into the blood. This kind of toxin would usually be flushed out by the kidneys, but myoglobin cells are too big for that, and lead to the kidneys becoming clogged up and ultimately – to put it politely – broken.

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