The Plan

I’m not starting from scratch here – a lot of the hard work is already done. Over a few months of travel, I have done a couple of little hikes, lugged my heavy bag around airports and spent whole days just sort of wandering about.

I’m pretty good at walking now.

I’m going to do the Couch to 5k (C25K) programme, which is designed to get totally unfit couch potatoes running 5k non-stop within eight weeks.

img_0427.pngIt involves three workouts a week, and – just to be totally safe and paranoid – I’m going to complete each week of the programme twice. After the second time around, if I’m not completely comfortable or haven’t been able to finish, I’ll do it again, and again, until I’m happy.

Best case scenario, I’ll be running 5k in 16 weeks’ time, although I’m really in no rush. Obviously.

Some rules:

Water: All of my problems started with heatstroke, and one way to avoid that is through drinking plenty of water. I’m going to have a bottle with me at all times, and make sure I’m strict with myself on drinking it.

Stretching: Lots of it, before and after runs.

Stopping: If I feel like stopping, I’m going to stop. Pushing through the pain is just not a thing I do anymore.

Repeating: The first few workouts on C25K involve walking for 90 seconds and jogging for 60. Not to brag, but I think I might find that pretty easy. Even so, I said I would do each run twice, and that’s what I’m going to do. Strictly no skipping ahead allowed.

Yoga: My body will handle this better if my general strength and conditioning is up, and flexibility will help prevent injuries. So, I’m going to find a local yoga class to join, and until then I’m going to be proactive in practising at home. Also, I love yoga.

If anyone has any other tips for me, please let me know!