Week one (again)

I’ve been a bit slow at getting around to writing this, but only because there has been a lot going on and I have a lot to say. So much so, in fact, that I decided I can’t say it all at once. So, for now I’m just going to update you on my C25K programme progress.

The weekend after I was given the all clear to start running again I re-started the C25K challenge from the beginning again, with run one of week one. The first week (which I planned on doing twice) consists of three workouts, each involving walking for a five-minute warm-up, then alternating 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking, for 20 minutes. After that, there’s another five-minute cool-down walk.

Rhabdo to Fabdo
An example of my average evening run.

All in, it’s some eight minutes of running. But, when I went on that one run a couple of months ago, before the neurologist saga, I had some serious aches the next day.

This time, while my legs knew something had happened, for most part I was fine. I didn’t have the same tiredness in my back and shoulders, and I wasn’t really stiff at all.

After the May run, I was achy for a good few days. This time, when I went for my second run two days later, I was raring to go again.

To be fair, it was much warmer back then (Melbourne has inexplicably become cold and rainy), which may have been a factor. I have also been trying to stay active at the weekends, although all I could really do until now was walk.

However, now I think about it, I have been walking for about 20 minutes every morning – 10 on either end of my train journey to work. Sometimes I do the same journey on the way home (sometimes, if I’m feeling lazy or if I’m really into my book, I take the longer-but-less-effort tram).

I know health professionals and are always saying that walking for a little while every day can improve your fitness levels fairly significantly. Turns out, they may know what they’re talking about.

My plan is to run on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on one day at the weekend. Monday is yoga day, and Friday is a potential yoga day too – but more on that later – which leave Wednesday and the other weekend day as rest days.

Rhabdo to Fabdo
Running in the rain.

For the first week, this plan went perfectly. For the second, things like doctors’ appointments and social occasions and, somehow, football got in the way (it’s not coming home guys). So I’m currently repeating week one again (as per the rules), but I’m feeling good about it and I’m going to be super prepared for week two.

The only time, so far, that I have struggled just a little bit was a day when I was still aching from my new yoga class (more on that later). Just as the C25K robot voice told me to start running, I turned a corner to be faced with the hugest of hills.

Rhabdo to Fabdo
The hill. No thanks.

I am the agent of my own destiny. So, I ignored her. But, that was my only way home, so for the 60 seconds I was supposed to be running, I trudged up the hill, and by the time my 60 seconds was up, I was panting and sweaty at the top – so that counts, right?

As I said, I have also started going to yoga classes, which I really feel I’m getting a lot from. But, my feelings about yoga warrant their own whole post, so you’ll just have to wait.

I’m also heading back to my neurologist this week for a follow up appointment, some blood test results, and potentially a muscle biopsy. Wish me luck!

This was kind of a boring update, so next time, I’m going to tell you all about why I love yoga so much. Spoiler alert: I really love yoga.

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